Living in a community is very rewarding!

Creating a healthy, happy atmosphere and a smooth-running eco-lodge takes work and dedication from all of us. We expect our work-traders to be honest, kind, helpful, and motivated and we encourage sharing our knowledge with each other so we can grow and thrive together.

We have a Work-Trade Coordinator who's job is to organize your work schedule and ensure that your stay with us is happy and fulfilling. The Coordinator will also organize activities two or three times a week, such as sharing circles, an excursion, veggie burger night or trivia night, etc. so that everyone can get to know each other better and have fun! If there is some skill or passion you would like to share with the group, we encourage you to give a community class!


We do not yet have a full-time yoga teacher, but we do try to organize regular meditation and yoga classes amongst ourselves. If you are a practitioner or teacher, we encourage you to teach a class!


This is not a Job. 

Trained, experienced, hard-working local workers earn $2.50/hour.

As an inexperienced traveler,

we would not (and by law could not) hire you for your help.

This is also not strictly Volunteering.

We are not a charity or a foundation

nor a cause for social justice.

We are a start-up of a couple of friends and dreamers

with big ideas, small budgets and a DIY attitude.

This is an Experience.

A work-trade is an inexpensive way for you to travel,

to live in community,

to learn first-hand about sustainable living,

to focus on personal growth,

to share skills with other travelers

and an opportunity to contribute to a project whose values you share.

We think we're building something pretty badass

and we want you to come get your hands dirty

and be a part of it with us!



4-5 hours per day (usually from 9:00-1:00) 5 days a week:


Please keep in mind:


Sometimes the work can be very physically demanding!


We do expect a motivated effort during your work hours.


Our motto is:

"When it's time to work, work.

When it's time to relax, relax.

Don't do both at the same time

or you accomplish neither."

We encourage you to be vocal about how you would like to contribute. If there is something you are specifically passionate about or want to learn more about, we do our best to orient you around those projects.

Your hours may consist of:
* Making breakfast, lunch, or dinner
* Cleaning
* Hospitality
* Working on various manual labor projects around the Eco-lodge such as:
  * Construction tasks
  * Fixing paths and steps
  * Working with Allen, our local Tico organic landscaper, gardener and
    plant specialist.

  * Working with Josué, our local Tico builder
  * Working in the garden
  * Wood and bamboo finishing (sanding, painting, etc.)



* Shoes for hiking and working in the mud

* Slip-on shoes (no shoes inside buildings)

* A light rain jacket and/or umbrella

* Bathing suit!
* Clothes that will be comfortable in heat & humidity

* Dark colors, not white!

Don't bring anything you will be devastated to lose.

The jungle eats everything.

Especially in the rainy season (May - Nov), everything is

  susceptible to mold and mildew.

We do NOT have an ATM on sight.

The closest one is in Dominical (25 mins away by car).

We recommend bringing cash with you,

though many places take card.

Colones are recommended, but some places also take US dollars.

The fee for your stay with us is due the day of your arrival.

*Headlamp or flashlight for walking at night
*Bug spray and anti-itch cream

*Big, thick plastic trash bags &

* Eva-Dry renewable silica gel dehumidifier

(highly recommended to protect clothes and personal items from humidity and mold)



We currently rent two houses across the road from the Lodge.
They are owned by our neighbor, Albie.

They each have an exterior shower, toilet, and sink.

These houses are old, concrete, typical Costa Rican houses. 

They are nothing fancy, but they do the job.
You may end up sharing a room or having a private room.

If you are traveling with another person, we can put you
in the same room.


You are welcome to tent camp, if you prefer.

Note: Albie may be selling these houses soon in which case
we are building an awesome work-trade camp site called the magic garden


There are 3 home cooked vegetarian meals a day.

These meals are buffet style and there is always plenty to eat!

We also provide vegan and gluten free options

and are flexible and accommodating with any other dietary restrictions.


You are welcome to bring your own snacks, but please be mindful of waste!

There are usually 1-2 people responsible for cooking each meal.
After each meal, we clean up together.



We always give you the day after you arrive off

so you have time to rest and orient yourself.

You will get 2 days off per week.

These days may vary from week to week.


If there are specific days you would like to ask off,

please notify us a week ahead of time so we can

accommodate you.


Work-traders - $360 for 1st month, afterwards the cost is $12 per day

Interns - $5/day

Your fee helps us cover food, fuel, utilities, rent on volunteer houses, supplies, etc.

The operational costs of running our Work-Trade program is about $2500/mo.

(not including upfront investment costs for beds & bedding and furniture,

wear & tear / breakage & loss of materials, tools, and facilities).

We also invest a considerable amount of time in recruiting & prepping, teaching & training, and organizing events & classes in order to create a memorable and fulfilling experience for you.

We think this is a pretty good trade. In addition to the benefit of your helping hands and creative ideas, getting to know all of you brave travelers is an absolute pleasure for us!

We hope that this arrangement feels good to you, too.

If it does not, please to not commit to coming to stay with us!

Please be aware that the payment is due upon arrival (the full
amount of your stay including your days off), and the payment is


By enrolling yourself into this community you are committing to stay
for the duration of the agreed-upon time.

In return, we commit to
creating a comfortable, enjoyable, educational,

and rewarding experience for you.


We are always available to talk through any issues you may have with other
community members or with your stay in general.

We value open and honest communication

and expect that you bring any concerns or issues to our attention right away.


(to be signed upon arrival)


(to be signed upon arrival)